after 30 years of photography
Since 1960

Since 1960

Marcello Grassi was born in Reggio Emilia in 1960. Since he was a child, he was keen in photography. In 1985, he planned and realized a "digging sight" project, inside sites, cities and necropolis of Etruscan culture; during the exhibit of his photography at Musée Reattu Arles, Federico Motta Editors published 'Etruria’. In 1992 he was in charge of photographies of all archeological collection at Musei Civici in Reggio Emilia. From this first part and series ️of images, starts a long research on the Anatomy of Time, developped in museums and archeological sites in Italy and Europe. In 1995 started working on Borges' "The Garden", and about the connection in between Real and Unreal, on the matter of zoological collections kept in museums. From 1994 to 1996 took photos of french town Arles. In 1997, on behalf ️of Musée Archéologique of Nice-Cimiez, published on the local site. In 1998 the town ️of Reggio Emilia ask him to work on Maulbronn cisterian cloister. In 1999 started working on a campaign about Ducal Palace Ducale in Sassuolo which ended in 2002. In the same year he started working with Fabrizio Orsi on a project about Luzzara exactly 50 years after Cesare Zavattini and Paul Strand's book "Un Paese". At the end ️of 2004 the book ‘Luzzara. Fifty years and more...’ containing also a Luciano Ligabue's writing, is published by Skira Publishing. Marcello Grassi had personal and collective exhibitions in Europe, where his photographies are shown in several museums and istitutions.

Pierre de Fenoyl

“Etre photographe c’est matérialiser une intuition poetique de la réalité.”

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